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Hordle Lake Carp Timsbury Manor Carp Three Oaks Carp Colin And His TrophiesStaunton Country ParkBroadlands Mill Farm Mill Farm2 MBK Pumpstation MBK Pumpstation Pole Caught Carp MBK Carp Ron And A Nice Perch Big Staunton Bream Benns Lake Weigh In Benns Lake 1 MBK Carp Timsbury Manor Greenridge Farm Greenridge Crucian Golden Rudd From Greenridge Farm Lake 1 Broadlands Lower Lake Broadlands Lower Lake Carp & Bream Jim Fry's Sturgeon!! Junior Matchman Of The Year AND Speciman Fish Winner Callum Freestone Matchman Of The Year And Best Weight Winner, Alan Simmonds Colin Stark, Largest Weight For 2009 From Greenridge (Floating Crust) Dave with a Carp from MBK Pumpstation, circa 8lb Pete Lemon and a Nice 6lb 2oz Bream From Broadlands An 'Average' Bream From Staunton. Circa 5lb Fantastic 2lb 6oz Roach Caught At Staunton Country Park By Derek Pickard