Matchman and Top Weight Trophies For Alan Simmonds Junior Matchmen Of The Year Callum Freestone With His Best Fish Of The Year Trophy Colin Stark - Largest Net Of Fish 2009 Jim Fry And A Sturgeon!!

Match List For 2016

Witherington Farm19 Feb 08:00:00Barnmoor and Sellwood
Orchard05 Mar 08:00:00
Staunton19 Mar 07:00:00
Hordle02 Apr 08:00:00Lakeside - Jeff Maye Memorial
Billhook09 Apr 08:00:00
Whinwhistle23 Apr 08:00:00
Bowsaw07 May 08:00:00
Dandy's Ford14 May 08:00:00
Sinah Warren21 May 08:00:00Alan Watson & Nobby Memorial
Timsbury04 Jun 08:00:00
Staunton18 Jun 07:00:00
MBK02 Jul 08:00:00
HMS Dryad16 Jul 08:00:00BBQ - Alan Hunter Memorial
Orchard30 Jul 08:00:00
Staunton13 Aug 07:00:00
Staunton28 Aug 07:00:00
Lakeside03 Sep 08:00:00
Whinwhistle10 Sep 08:00:00
Sinah Warren17 Sep 08:00:00Lorraine Talbot Memorial
Whitherington Farm01 Oct 08:00:00Outer Snake
Staunton15 Oct 07:00:00
MBK29 Oct 08:00:00Pump House

All Members Are Welcome To Fish. For Details, Call Budgie On 07570 078414